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30 day photo challenge

Day 13 - A picture of your favorite band or artist

ani difranco. she's talented as fuck and sexy to boot (:
i'll ALWAYS love ani. FTW

also, for jacqui and anyone else who may be unfamiliar, here's a song

and this is a cool picture i found on google of a portrait someone made of ani out of pasta and beans

and since i'm on a roll, here is a portrait i did, inspired by her out of range album and album art

well, it's a link to my facebook page that has the picture. not sure if it'll work or not. facebook got all weird with it's photo gallery, but in case it works, here...!/photo.php?fbid=1008424045491&set=a.1008423885487.2450.1071639147&theater
Tags: ani difranco, art, music, photos

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