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30 day photo challenge day 5

Day 05 - A picture of your favorite memory

this was taken last spring, the day my spiritual journey was "triggered". i have paint on my hands from painting down at the park, and then i swam out to the island in spy pond for the 1st time. as crazy as people still think my spiritual journey was, it was the most wonderful experience i've ever had.

also, i knew this day was significant as soon as i got hit by this overwhelming feeling of familiarity, like deja vu times a billion, and i took this photo not long after, and i painted something representing the day and what i was feeling, although the paintings were taken while i was on the island... i think by the police, because they used the content of what was on the painting against me in the court hearing to get me forced on the meds, saying it was a suicide attempt because i wrote "i'm going to a better place". but i didn't mean that i was trying to kill myself. i did think i was going to die. in a spiritual way, i did die, because my soul and my mind went to a place of heaven... it was just heaven on earth. this is why this was my favorite memory, because before i got locked up for 2 months, i spent a few months in heaven on earth.

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