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30 day photo challenge day 4

04- a picture of your night

this is more late afternoon, almost 5pm. my car has been stuck in the same spot for 4 days, iced and snowed in. my mom and my sister came to help me get it unstuck, but we weren't having a lot of luck, even after throwing down dirt and this blue de-icer stuff. a neighbor came along and helped push my car out of the spot eventually. we had just about given up. i think i damaged my tires a little, but i am very relieved not to be snowed in anymore. still, more snow is expected next week, and probably more after that, the way things have been going and my back is not in good shape.

tonight i just hung out, got a sub for dinner and watched the social network with moo beside me

here's the picture of me out in the blue snow next to the spot i got my truck out from

Tags: family, photos, snow, winter

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