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Art Videos

i found some cool art videos.

1. This is a scene from the movie Spellbound, directed by Alfred Hitchcock. It stars Ingred Bergman and Gregory Peck. It is my favorite Hitchcock movie.
I watched "Rebecca" last night for the first time (a Hitchcock classic). It was prety good, but Spellbound is his best if you ask me.
For the movie Spellbound, Hitchcock asked the famous surrealist, Salvador Dali to direct the scene in which Gregory Peck's character is describing his dream. That scene is the one in the clip. It's quite cool.

2. Calder's Circus. Alexander Calder is most famous for inventing the mobile. Calder's mobile's were large and abstract, and i think they were neat, but i much prefer his other work, particularly his wire animals, and of course, his circus. I saw this video in high school in Pat's English class and we spent the semester making our own wire world. It was really cool. i wish i had taken pictures of what we made. Enjoy Calder.

3. Basquiat Painting LIVE in 1981. Basquiat was a homeless graffiti artist with some psych issues as well as addictions, and he died at a young age. He was famous in the 80's along with Keith Harring, a well known graffiti artst who died of AIDS. Basquit's fame was due to artist Andy Warhol who discovered him, but Andy used Basquiat for his own fame and treated him like shit. Anyway, i am a big fan of Basquiat's work. his meaningful nonsense is amazing.

4. This is a video of clips from the 1929 movie "Un Chien Andalou", which was co-directed by Salvador Dali. Someone made a cool video of it using a Daft Punk song. It is shorter and shows most of the best scenes, so i chose to put the Daft Punk version instead of the actual movie, which is only about 18 minutes long and you can see the whole thing on youtube if u want. But this video is cool i think.

5. Basquiat's Art put to the song Heroin by the Velvet Underground, who were part of the same scene as Basquiat in the 80's. Andy Warhol designed the Velvet Underground's most famous album cover which had a picture of a banana. This video repeats a lot of the same pictures. It isn't the best video ever made, but it does give you a chance to see some of his art if you are unfamiliar with him, or if you are a fan.

i will put the videos under a cut, cuz i've been puting up a lot lately. please check them out though if they sound cool.


Tags: andy warhol, art, basquiat, calder, hitchcock, movies, salvdor dali, sculptures, videos

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