djcliche (djcliche) wrote,

Movies i Saw this Week

Karate Kid
action/drama PG
i have seen before, but not in YEARS. i stil loved it. 4.5 stars. it's still a great movie.
The others were new to me, although not all new....

SherryBaby- drama R
i missed part of it, but it was good. Maggie G is a great actor. 4 stars from what i saw.

Child's Play- horror R
i had never seen this. It was entertaining. I'm glad i finally saw it.
Chucky is a freaky little doll. i may have to see some of the sequels. 3 stars?

Edmond- psychological thriller? R
William H Macy is an amazing actor. This film was kind of disturbing. It made me very uncomfortable, but i feel like that was part of what made it good. 4 stars. maybe 4.5.

Down In the Valley- drama? R
Another great actor, Edward Norton was in this. It also had Rory Culkin and another familiar actor... plus the main girl.. I thought it was good, but Edward Norton's character was not as strong as say, his characters in Fight Club, Primal Fear or American History X. I'd give it a 3.5 star rating. It was definately good, but not unforgetable.

and last, Francis Ford Coppella's
Rumble Fish- film noir? R
staring Matt Dillon, in his youth. This easily gets the full 5 star rating. Yes, i would have to say this was a brilliant, amazing film. Very artistic, beautiful, perfect. Yes, it was made a long time ago, but its totally a must see if you haven't yet.
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