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spy pond art

these are from a couple weeks ago (approximately)... the day i swam out to the island on spy pond. i went to the park to do some painting. that was what my gut told me to do that day. it also told me not to go home, so i waited but i had to pee wicked bad and was either gonna have to go home or jump in the water, and at the last second i realized i didn't even have time to go home even if i wanted to, so i jumped in the water and peed around sunset. lol. then i swam to the island where i spent the whole night protecting a mother goose from a raccoon or something and then i was very tired, but as the sun came up, 3 ambulances came down the roads from different angles. they thought i had drowned, but i didn't. a boat came to rescue me and some of the rescuers were really really happy that i wasn't dead and some of them were really really pissed off that i wasn't dead. i did have slight hypothermia but i got that fixed up and am doing really well. i wasn't trying to die, i was trying to live. like, you know how sometimes you just NEED god to put a mountain in front of you to climb to prove that you CAN? it was kind of one of those moments...

so here are some pictures from that day. i had left my camera and backpack and shoes and keys at the park, cuz i wasn't originally planning to swim to the island. i just decided in the moment to do it cuz it felt right. i got back all my stuff EXCEPT my art which is currently MIA, but i had taken photos of it first and i got the camera back, so enjoy...

peace (:


this was a few days BEFORE my swim i think... the day i found my soldier hat which had gone missing for a few months, back in november i think... i came home to find the hat on top of my desk. (;

then i did these 2 drawings while hanging out with some new friends who i just met but feel like i've known forever. they were both done while the show "breaking bad" was on, so both done in 1 hour.


map of boston...

i hope you all are well. peace and love to you all - jymi cliche'


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May. 18th, 2010 01:54 am (UTC)
Your Red Sox hat disappeared for a few months??
What happened there?
May. 18th, 2010 04:19 am (UTC)
yes, it did. long story, but i have it back now (:
May. 18th, 2010 06:38 am (UTC)
I am glad you filled in the gaps, had wondered what had happened Jymi, coming back to look properly at this and the art. Quiter a story Jymi...
May. 18th, 2010 05:23 pm (UTC)
yes indeed. i will copy and paste something from where i posted it on facebook too. someone asked....
"So how did you know the goose needed protecting? Did you sleep or stay up all night? Just asking."

and i answered (and please excuse my poor grammar, but i was typing really fast)....

well, when i first arrived, the goose was freaking out. i could tell she was a mother goose protecting her nest by the way that she was freaking out. i know a mother goose protecting a nest when i see one. it took me a good 45 minutes just to get past HER and make her realize i was not there to eat her babies. but i eventually calmed her down and ... See Morewalked onto the island far from the spot she was in, and i looked around a bit but it was pretty dark by then and hard to see but the ground was soft, fortunately as i had no shoes, and i found a spot to sit and rest. but as i was sitting and resting, then the big animal came out and i did not expect a big animal on the island and i must admit i was pretty scared myself. not to mention that the goose who had calmed down, started freaking out again, even worse than when i had shown up. so now she was barking like crazy and was a bit intimidating herself, and the animal was quite large. it wasn't a lion or anything unrealistic, but it was no squirrel or anything, it was definitely much larger than any animal i really wanted to be alone on an island with, but i decided to continue my brave streak i had going all day and pick up some sticks and act like a scary monster to chase the animal away. and it went away, and eventually the goose calmed down, and i rested a bit (just sitting, no sleep) but the animal returned and it was the same deal again, so i decided to spend the entire night with the sticks in my hands, shaking them and stabbing trees with the sicks as if they were swords, kind of practicing my aim in case i did have to stab the animal, although it never came to that, i did spend the entire night stabbing trees and shaking the sticks when i heard the animal. the goose was able to stay with her babies. after the fist couple hours she completely calmed down and did not freak out ever again that night and i was going to try to get rest when the sun came up so i could swim back, but it was right around sunrise that the boat came and rescued me. by that time i was very weak and tired and extremely grateful i didn't have to swim back at that point because it would have been much more difficult in that weak state i was in with the hypothermia and hunger and no sleep than when i had swam over. but when i saw them come in the ambulances, it was a very very intense deja vu moment and i remembered how that was what was all supposed to happen anyway, so it was all good.
then my friend said "What an image, you and your horns in the woods protecting wildlife, very pagan."

to which i replied...

yes, it was pretty cool and in a sense very pagan. what i found especially interesting is that my experience was also an excellent metaphor for life as well, and what i was sent here to do in this life, i was doing in a metaphor on the island with the goose and the raccoon.

May. 18th, 2010 05:23 pm (UTC)
anyway, i thought you might enjoy that part of the story... also, when i was on the island with the goose, i kept referring to her in my head as "mother goose" (like "hmmm, what's mother goose up to now?") which made me think about my "sort of grandmother, Do, who was my grammy lorraine's best friend. she had 2 best friends, Do (dorothy) and Jacqui (or Jackie) who was actually my grammy's cousin... and the 3 of them were best best friends, but my grammy died when i was 4 and Do kind of became my grandmother, and she used to always read me mother goose folktale stories and as i was sitting on the island with "mother goose" thinking how weak i was and how hard it would be to swim back, i immediately thought of the story of the boy who cried wolf... and how that one seemed to be the one that Do was always using as a metaphor for me, even in my early childhood and considering all my hospitalizations and my 2 suicide attempts, etc etc, i was like "shit. they might not even bother with me at this point" but then i pushed that out of my mind and said "no, they will come" and then of course they did and it was all such a strongly familiar moment. deja vu times a million kind of thing... it was all very surreal, but it all really did happen.
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