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Writer's Block: Back pat

What are the three proudest moments of your life so far, and why?

1. graduating high school and receiving the "creative voice and vision award". why? because i never expected to live through high school, let alone graduate and certainly not receive an award or give a speech that would receive huge applause and move people to tears.

2. outsmarting certain people who tried to destroy me and surviving their trying to kill me and all the good work i have done in that department. it is still ongoing, but i (as a pacifist soldier) am going to win this.

3. and this is most important, turning my karma around in the opposite direction so that i no longer spin towards negativity, but rather towards positivity. i have changed my world for the better and with this i have also changed the world as a whole. my negativity was a strong force, but my positivity is even stronger.
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