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spring photography and random ramblings

these pictures were taken in winchester soon after all our rain. i went there because it is close-by and the news said it was one of the worst hit areas. it must have been 1 very specific area of winchester though because i drove all over town and it was mostly fine.

i watched fox news last night after obama came to massachusetts to declare us a "disaster area" and they were trying to make obama out to be a bad president by comparing his reaction to our floods to bush's reaction to katrina. which just emphasized how stupid fox news is. for a bunch of reasons, but mainly because this is no katrina. even in places we were hit the hardest. i don't think anybody even died. although a few may have i don't know. but comparing the two would be like if the pope said that the accusations against the catholic church for what they did to children was similar to what the nazi's did to the jews during the holocaust... oh wait....did i just say that? *sigh* .

the past few days have been good but odd. i have this intense feeling that a piano is about to drop on my head, except that it probably won't be a piano, and my head already feels like something was dropped on it. not knowing what to look out for, all i can do is enjoy the moment. and that's good anyway. i'm trying not to over-think anything, just take in the beauty the world has to offer and do lots of deep breathing. i'm here. and i'm grateful.

a shadow of a doubt

cemetery in the back

winchester willows

track-side graffiti

i see it in your eyes, you're mesmerized,
you try to read between the lines.
when i talk fast, you listen faster,
making plans for my disaster.
it makes me sad, the love we never had.
i was made for show, then it was all about the sympathy votes
and now that i'm shining bright, you need to ruin my life
to give yourself hope, but you're the joke.
c'est la vie
and so be it
you're it.

-jymi cliche

signs of spring

fancy grave

a few more under the cut

winchester boat club on mystic lake

winchester center

sun in my eyes

money and mooney






what. the. heck.

give a hoot or die

flooded pool. for the dead to swim in? i don't know, but it is in the middle of the cemetery, and looks like live people haven't been in there in ages... strange.

last night i took a spontaneous walk to spy pond. the moon was beautiful and huge. a pair of swans swam up to me. i listened to the sounds of geese barking in the air and landing in the water and a couple of stoned nerdy teenagers discussing an acid trip they once had. it was a spiritual experience.
and then i did that thing where i look at the refection of the houses and trees on the other side of the pond and picture it as a long strange looking planet in the middle of the sky.

here is an old picture i took during the day of what i am referring to. it might be harder to picture with the 2D photo, but if you look above the trees and under the refection, it all looks like open sky, and what you have in the middle, is the "other world", and it looks even cooler at night with the reflections of the lights from the street and houses and stuff. in the summer i like to jump in the water like i am jumping off the earth into the sky.

and actually, if you hold it like this it looks like a robot maid

lol. that's all for now
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