djcliche (djcliche) wrote,

Writer's Block: Bombshell alert!

If you find out that a celebrity you admire has been cheated on by her/his partner, do you typically root for them to reconcile or split up? If they have kids together, how does that affect your opinion?

i couldn't care less. i am a big fan of many people but what they do when they are not entertaining me is the last thing on my mind...

i WAS excited today however, when i found out that "Red" the homeless beatboxer finally scored himself a record deal.

i've been blasting this video for the past 2 years and i've shared the link like 5 times, with headings like "awesome homeless beatboxer" and no one has commented. maybe now that he has a record deal people might check him out.

the original video

quick update and freestyle from him since he scored the deal

there have even been a bunch of take offs and remixes by other people, but most of them suck compared to the original.
Tags: beatboxing, hip hop, homeless, writer's block

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