djcliche (djcliche) wrote,

my brain

ever since i was a kid i knew my brain worked differently than others. just the mere fact alone that no one ever discussed how their brains worked was a sign of this. i knew if their brains worked like mine, they would definitely discuss their thought process and often. it was far too fascinating a topic to go unmentioned the way it did.

  • i put a spell on you

    'bad habits, sick rabbits, ugly puppies with toenails that glow. my mind's in the trash, i wished i grew hash, a unique and peaceful hydro.

  • weed and fringe

    my horoscope said not to get deeply spiritual today if i want to stay in a decent mood, so maybe getting high and watching fringe is a bad idea…

  • 30 day photo challenge

    a picture of something you hate police brutality, and anytime anyone in a place of power uses that power to abuse others and get away with it.

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