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i win. lol

seriously. i dunno why i debate people half the time. at least lately. i feel like if you are going to become involved in a passionate debate, you should have maybe at least a slight clue what you are talking about. lately i find myself backing out of debates at the key moment when i realize the other person has no idea what they are talking about. and this happens a lot these days. i suspect that the other person in the debate may think they have won when i stop arguing, but this is not the case. i've just realized it totally isn't worth my time and energy.

if you win a debate with me, you will hear me say something like "actually, you have a point" or "i never really looked at it that way before" and i am not one of those people who would never say those things. in fact, i say them a lot. i can change my mind and i think that is healthy.

there are some debates where i will agree to disagree. i see what you are saying, however, i just don't agree. i will tell you i will agree to disagree because i respect your debating skills and maybe your logic but continuing to debate will get us nowhere except angry. in this case it is kind of a tie.

however, when i cause you to rethink your position, and you admit to that, i know i have done well, but i do not think of it as "i have defeated you" because then i feel kind of like a jerk. i am glad i have helped you to consider another point of view.

pretty much everything i have an opinion on, i can admit it is just an opinion. i do not tend to think i am RIGHT as in, my way or the highway. there is no RIGHT on most things in my opinion. most things are grey matter. however, that being said, there can be a WRONG. still, it isn't so much your opinion that is wrong, it is your complete lack of logic or the fact that most of your evidence is based on total crap. i'm not gonna debate you on something i know nothing about. i can somewhat debate a topic i have heard a lot about, but i cannot present it as fact if i am not SURE.

say the bible is up for debate. i can debate things i know or believe about the bible, but if you say "the bible says blah blah blah" i can't tell you for sure that it does or doesn't. i've never read it. at least not really. if you tell me that the christian version of the bible has gospels according to matthew, mark, tommy and tony, i can say, mmm, not exactly. i am at least sure that it is matthew, mark, luke and john. although i know little about them and may not agree with everything they said.

if you tell me the gospel according to john says "love your enemy like your neighbor" i can say honestly, "i don't know" or "ok, that sounds like something that would be in the bible", but if it is or who said it or the exact wording, i don't know. if you tell me the bible says "yo, homey, eat shit off these nike's my bitches in china made" i can say pretty confidently "i highly doubt that". maybe it is a metaphor for something the bible says but i doubt that exact sentence is in there. you could say that based on the fact that i have not read the bible, that i COULD be wrong. and i COULD be wrong based on that fact. you cannot say that based on the fact that i have not read the bible that i HAVE to be wrong. well, you COULD say that, but then you would be wrong.

but lately, i have been getting into debates with people and realize that they are just insane. i may be choosing the wrong example since i have not read the bible, but let's say i have and i know it well. and in a debate, someone is INSISTING that the bible says ""yo, homey, eat shit off these nike's my bitches in china made" (which the real me who has not read the bible is almost certain it does not say) but let's say for the sake of this argument that the bible absolutely does NOT say that and that i know the bible well and you INSIST that it does say that. as soon as you start arguing this, i get that feeling like i am wasting my time arguing. i may in fact just stop here. does that make you the winner? no. it makes me more of a winner cuz i have just won back my time and my sanity. but i could inquire more just to make sure i understand you correctly.

if i continue to argue, which i usually do at this FIRST moment of WTF, i might say "where in the bible does it say that" and just because you say it is in the gospel according to mark, which IS a gospel, doesn't make you right. however, if you say "it is in the gospel according to chewbacca who wrote the bible" then you can be CERTAIN that i will stop my argument right here for good. you did not win. you just do not deserve my time on this topic.

and seriously, it seems like every day i find myself wasting my energy on arguing with people who think chewbacca wrote the bible. not literally, as i don't generally debate the bible. and although i love debates, not everything i say is meant to cause one. however, when it does, i have to accept this, and i enter into the debate thinking you have something to say, and then i find out you think chewbacca wrote the bible. and i realize that you are wasting my time. and i stop the debate right there in it's tracks. you may have had the last word, but I WIN!


unfortunately i am tired and this article only covers part of what i am trying to say. and it is focused a bit too much on the literal.

a lot of what i've been experiencing lately in debates is debating opinions. and opinions are not facts. i've been told my opinions are offensive sometimes by people who are offended by my opinion. however, most people are not offended by my opinion, and the people who are tend to be overly offended by practically everything, and it is my opinion that being offended is a choice for the most part and that in the fight for equality if people are offended by words that are not PC but are also not used in hate, they kind of waste a lot of fucking time over some bullshit.

so when i argue my opinions about things and people tell me that what i say is offensive, i used to feel bad cuz i didn't mean to offend anyone, but when i realize that they are offended by everything, then i just cannot waste my time with them. get over yourselves, you know?

it is the people who argue that i am offensive or that my OPINIONS are wrong "because chewbacca wrote the bible" who drive me out of my mind the worst though.

i dunno if that even makes sense but it IS far past my bedtime

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