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Writer's Block: News development

What's the first major news event that you remember hearing about as a child? Where did you learn about it? How did it impact your world view?

i'm pretty sure that the fist news story i remember has to be the challenger explosion. i was in the 1st grade at the time, and all three 1st grade classes gathered together in one room to watch the teacher go into outer space on the tv brought down on cart from the janitor's closet.

i remember seeing it happen, the rocket takes off into the sky and it explodes. i remember that i understood what happened. that the mission failed and the teacher and the astronauts died, but oddly enough i have no recollection of how it was dealt with in the moment. i imagine that it must have been upsetting. but i don't remember that at all. i don't remember kids crying or teachers explaining or any of that. all i remember was seeing the explosion.

i also remember that my cousin mike made a model of the space shuttle and gave it to my grandfather/papa later that year. i can still picture it. it is possible that my nana still has it but i am not sure.

anyway, that was the 1st news story i remember.

the 2nd was that baby jessica who fell down a well and was trapped for days and rescued and there was a made for tv movie about it and it was my favorite movie. i assume my obsession with that story had to do with the fact that i had been trapped in a laundry chute 2 years earlier, and although it was not as huge of a deal as baby jessica, it was still quite scary for me at the time. fire department came and all kinds of craziness. i was playing hide and seek. it was a good spot... at first. lol.

the 3rd story i remember is probably charles stuart. a guy from my town who shot his pregnant wife and killed her and shot himself in the foot and blamed it on a black guy and started a race riot with cops arresting any black man they could find. and then right before they figured out it was charles stuart, charles jumped off the tobin bridge and killed himself...
the story can be heard in the song wildside by marky mark


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Mar. 22nd, 2010 02:34 am (UTC)
Challenger was a big event, so tragic..

The well ...I remember that too, it made world news.

Also the third story was fascinating, but not one we heard about, or I don't think so.

The biggest event was Keneddy's shooting, I was not a child, but about to have my third baby, and it was world shattering. We will always remember that as we had just returned from five years in New Zealand when it happened.

Mar. 22nd, 2010 03:46 am (UTC)
cool. yeah, i think everyone who was over like 5 years old when kennedy died remembers that day the way people will remember 9/11 now. it is interesting to think about but i was not born for a long time after. there is a ghost story i grew up hearing about a house my dad and his family grew up in that was supposedly haunted. my grandmother was a huge kennedy fan and she had a bust sculpture of him on the mantle, and the night before he died it mysteriously shattered to pieces. of course now i tend to wonder if there was maybe another explanation for that... not that i don't believe in ghosts, but well, let's just say the more you know the more you have to question.
that is interesting the girl in the well was world news. i can see how it would be though. it took days and i remember following it, biting my nails. it was gripping. i heard a story on her a few years ago. i forgot what it was about exactly. i think she was heading off to college.
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