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the opposite of art/ thoughts on american idol

here'a a photo i took that kind of goes with this little rant.
i call it "wolf tree" and i took the picture because of what i see in it, but at first glance to most people it just looks like a branch with a piece of a fishing line hanging from it.

i love american idol but i also hate it. i love that it is something i can watch to chill my mind. i love music and i find it light hearted and entertaining. and sometimes their personal stories even move me to be honest. i'm a cheeseball like that.
but when i was watching last night i was reminded of what it is i despise about the show and the influence that it has on the music industry and all that shit.
the girl last night who sang some song that kara, one of the judges wrote... i thought she did ok. i wasn't in love with it or anything, but kara's reaction kind of got me thinking about what frustrates me about the show.
kara was upset that the girl singing her song was smiling. kara said the song was written in angst, about an ex, and that the girl singing the song clearly didn't understand it or connect to it, because if she had, she would not have been smiling. i did like that the girl argued her side to kara. she said that she felt like she DID connect to the song and that it made her think of her ex and how happy she was to have gotten away from him. so to her, the song was a happy song. but kara basically said "no, you are wrong".
what bothers me is about this is that possibly one of the coolest things about art is how great art can be interpreted in such a variety of ways. art reflects humanity and the range of emotions and perspectives in this world. a lot of what i do is abstract, and sometimes people tell me they "see" things in my paintings that i see or even intended. and other times people see things i totally did not intend, and i love that. i love that someone can make me see something in my OWN painting that i did not have any idea was there.
the idea that a painting or a song can inspire a feeling so deep that it leads to even more creativity is what art is all about. to some extent, it's all been done before, yet true artists will always bring something new to the world.
american idol is based on the mainstream idea of what is cool, and unfortunately most people don't know shit about real art. most popular music really isn't all that special. usually there is only about 1 song a year that hits the charts that makes me go "now THAT is awesome". most of the truest, deepest art, whether it be music or visual, never gets seen or heard. at least not by many.
that is another cool thing about american idol though, is that it does give some truly talented people who otherwise would have no way of getting themselves "out there", out there. and if the contestants get far enough, they have a better opportunity to succeed as real artists. but the show is all about the mainstream. i see crystal's face when the judges compare her to kelly clarkson. she knows it is meant as a compliment, but for a real musician to be told they sound like kelly clarkson, it is actually a little insulting. but she smiles and thanks them because if she wants to make it on american idol, she has to kind of "play by their rules". and it is smart on her behalf. the longer she lasts on the show, the better she will be remembered and the better chance she has for success and an opportunity to do her own thing and really make an impact.

music can be brilliant. it can be inspiring and move people to another place emotionally. the BEST music, the REAL art, can bring someone to one place one day and a totally new place another. so hearing kara say that the girl who sang her song did not understand it, was just a reminder of how american idol is so much less about art, and so much more about mainstream, in the box thinking. it can be fun to watch, and light on my brain when i've spent my day over thinking the ways of the world, but it is still just another powerful mind game corporation kind of bullshit thing that is trying to mold everyone to be the same. and that is not art. that's the opposite of art.

ps, i know with all the intense things going on in the world right now this is of little importance, but i'm trying not to think about all that other stuff.
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