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Writer's Block: Between the slices

What's your favorite sandwich? Do you make it yourself or go somewhere special to buy it? What's in it?!

review! attention people from massachusetts north shore!

i just had a sandwich tonight from a new place in stoneham mass called cafe arielle. if you live in the area, i highly suggest you try it. it is located at 8 central st. i have the address because after ordering there tonight when visiting my mom and sister (they deliver in stoneham too) i decided that i would make it a mission to pimp this place out in hopes of keeping them around for awhile. new local businesses are a risk. most don't last very long. and i will be very upset if this place doesn't last because it was amazing. the food is wicked fresh and most of it is quite healthy. it was inexpensive for large portions and i'm totally in love with it.

we over-ordered because we had never been there before so we didn't know if the portions would be big or what would be good. i got a smoked turkey and avocado sandwich. you can choose from about 7 types of bread. i got it on a french roll which was great. they also offer foccacia, sourdough, multigrain, and others i forget. you can add all kinds of toppings. i got lettuce, tomato, cucumbers and dijon mustard. i loved it.

i also got a cup of corn chowdah and a roasted pepper, fresh mozzarella, black olive and mescaline salad. and they even deliver ice cream sundaes... well, frozen yogurt, which they have about 35 flavors of and the standard sundae comes with hot fudge, strawberries, pineapple, whipped cream and walnuts but you don't have to get all the toppings.

there was fresh toasted sourdough bread with oil and french bread that i think comes with whatever you order. my sister had chicken noodle soup and a salad with capers and sun dried tomatoes among other things but i only remember that part cuz it looked like an awesome salad but i don't like capers or sun dried tomatoes, but she said it was awesome. my mom got a potato salad and a roasted chicken, avocado, bacon and ranch sandwich also on the french bread.

they also offered a lot of vegetarian items and tofu ice cream. i am begging you to try it if you live in the north shore area so that i may continue to eat there for a long time because i know if you try it you will feel the same.
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