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guts and art

a few weeks ago, i did something (confided in someone) because my gut told me to. my head said "no" but i trusted my gut as i now always do. however, i wasn't really sure if my gut was right, as i expected things to go differently if they were meant to be. but things are never what i expect. i forgot about that part, and am glad i trusted my gut. it's never wrong like my head is. i am so grateful for having learned to trust my gut. it is an eye opening experience to learn how smart it is. i can't believe it took me so long to figure out what an asset i had.

questions as to what exactly is my gut/ soul is a waste of energy. i don't suspect i'll ever have an answer for that. what it is, why i have it... it doesn't really matter. knowing that it is there and that it will guide me to where i am meant to go is the important thing. trusting it despite what my head says. my head only says things it is conditioned to say. i am very smart, but my head is always trying to censor me. what i say, what i do, what i draw, what i write. and a censor is good for some occasions, but i censored the joy right out of my life. i can't do that, i can't trust them, i can't say that... what will they think of me? blah blah fuck it. if my gut tells me to do it, i will, even if i know it will be interpreted by others in some way in which it was not meant to, that is fine. maybe that's even the reason for doing it in the 1st place. i don't know, i just trust it. and if i am meant to find out "why" i will.

creatures of the earth

get that dirt off your shoulder

and return the princess to her king, yo

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