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cliche ftm update - testosterone - hair growth

this was me about a week ago

then i shaved on friday night. this was me friday night after shaving

it is now tuesday night. i took these tonight

my hair grows pretty fast. i will probably in the next day or so shave most of my beard except the goatee part and grow that back out.

oh the excitement. lol.

i rarely ever document this kind of stuff about my transition. to me, it is the least interesting part, but i guess i understand why people find it fascinating. to me, the emotions and the things i've com to realize about my life and the world around me due to the transition is a lot more interesting than how fast my hair grows. although, with my experience growing up intersex and not knowing it, my body was already going through strange an unusual changes. boobs at age 8, menopause at age 17, facial hair at 18 or 19, many years before i even started testosterone, and at that time i actually got myself waxed and even tried laser treatment... so yeah, those things and other odd stuff about my body never happened in the "normal" way anyway, so i'm just like, yeah, my hair grows fast. it may fascinate some, but i rarely ever even think about it except when it is pointed out. i have so much other shit on my mind that my appearance is often odd, but it's not a top priority like it is for most people. i don't think that has anything to do with my being trans though. it's just the way my brain works and the way i organize shit up there, my appearance loses priority. however, i have learned in recent years that while what i wear or how i wear my hair may not be top priority, taking care of my body needs to be. and i'm doing pretty well with that now. i'm still fat, but i am exorcising daily, trying to eat a lil better, i quit smoking cigarettes last week, stuff like that.
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