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Writer's Block: Will he or won't he?

Do you believe the groundhog can accurately sense the approach of spring? Even if you don't buy it, are you happy when the little guy doesn't see his shadow?

i believe that groundhogs like many animals may be able to sense spring, even with an accuracy better than ours as humans, however, i don't think it has anything to do with whether or not it sees it's shadow so i don't care what the groundhog sees. i do like spring much better than winter though, so i am happy when spring comes but i don't think that method is an accurate way of telling when it will get warm. does anyone??? now i'm kinda curious if there are people who do believe it. to me it's like santa, the easter bunny or the tooth fairy to some extent. except i know there really is a groundhog, but it's just a regular groundhog....
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