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an intense song by one of my favorite, though pretty much unknown, folk singer/storytellers, don white. he is a working class folk singer from lynn, massachusetts (lynn, lynn, the city of sin... that city) this song will most likely make you sob like a baby. just warning you. if you have ever been a kid (i think most of us have) or had a family, and even more so if you have kids of your own, you will not only most likely relate to this, but be very moved by it.

it's called brown eyes shine

i am going to follow this emotional song with another song by don white that will likely help you to get rid of those tears. seeing this man in concert is an emotional roller coaster experience and one of the best experiences i've ever had at a live show. to laugh and cry and enjoy good music all together is really something special.

this is called be 16 with me. it's pretty funny. not his funniest song ever, but still entertaining. also on the same theme of family

Tags: boston, don white, emotions, family, folk music

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