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veterans day poem

i love america
i love the rest of the world too.
i fight for those who do not benefit from war
and statistics suggest that's you.
i fight for freedom-
real freedom and equality for all,
i fight for the small.
i am grateful
for all the little gifts in life.
i fight with my mind
i fight for our rights.
i love america
enough to question it's leadership,
enough to point out the hypocrisy
and that we are not a true democracy.
i fight for the ability to think for myself,
for the right to be respected
even without wealth.
for the modern day slave
for the right to be gay
for the immigrants of yesterday and today.
i fight for the hope that someday
the wealthiest 1% of the world
will not profit off the misery
of the other 99%.
i fight for the right to vent.
i fight for innocent people who are locked away,
i fight for the understanding
that most matters are grey.
i fight for the school system
to teach opposing points of view.
i fight for the youth.
i fight for the ability
to recognize that i am not always right
but that knowledge is power
and we can learn from eachother
in the hope that we will someday
uncover the truth.
i fight so that our souls can be set free
and someday we will all know peace.
Tags: poetry

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