djcliche (djcliche) wrote,

lj to fb

i figured i should post and let people know that while i still post an occasional poem or essay or video on here, that for the most part i am not really using lj anymore. i haven't read my friends list in a long time and i feel kinda shitty about it but i have put most of my effort into my facebook. it is easier to post photos and art and videos on there and i also find it easier to keep up with than lj. i have several of my lj friends as friends on facebook, but not all. i miss the ones of you who i am not friends with on facebook and thought i'd put it out there that if anyone has a fb and would like to keep in touch with me on there, send me a link to your facebook page.
i am a very disorganized person and have trouble keeping up with several sites at a time.
i do hope everyone is well, i am thinking of you.
peace, jymi cliche

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