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Writer's Block: Cyberstalking

Do you keep tabs on ex-boyfriends and -girlfriends over social networking sites? Do you think it's emotionally healthy or dangerous? Amusing or painful?

when it comes to my ex wife, no. i don't wanna know. everyone else for the most part i also have lost touch with and do not look for them on the internet. i do still talk to 2 of my exes online occasionally, an ex boyfriend from over 15 years ago an an ex girlfriend from my early 20's. i think those are the only exes i talk to. i guess i also dated one other old facebook friend for a week in middle school, but we were always really just good friends. and the 2 exes i still talk to on occasion, i rarely talk to, and i do not browse their pages for info. i just talk to them when they post stuff. i think this is a healthy approach and it keeps me from unnecessary pain and drama. in fact i highly recommend it to everyone.
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