djcliche (djcliche) wrote,

shake your cane

dedicated to an elderly woman i saw the other day, who broke into a random dance twirling her cane in the air and all kinds of funky cane dancing. it made my day.

shake your cane
shake your cane
and try to make it rain
shake your cane
at the sky
and they call you insane

poverty and insanity
cage you from flying
and throw away the key
but for the moment,
i watch you and see you set free

you feel alone
but for me
you gave a reason
to stay
with your messy beehive
a foot above your head
they want you to cry
but you surprised them instead
shake that cane
above your head

swirl it and twirl it
you are on your own pep squad
cheering for your life

you dance in the street
while you stare down police
who are glaring at you and laughing
at the crazy old lady with the cane
they think you're on crack,
they think you're insane
so you twirl your damn cane
cuz now they're playing your game
the dance of the lame
that made the pro's feel ashamed

their evil eyes
wanna see you cry
so shake your cane
shake it at the sky
and pull down the rain
for the moment
you don't feel the pain
look to the sky
you don't need to ask why
and shake your cane
shake your cane.

Tags: art, poetry

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