djcliche (djcliche) wrote,

pre-teen crush

When i was 9-13 years old, my 2 biggest celebrity crushes were on Drew Barrymore and Balthazar Getty.
Here they are together. I think they were a couple at the time.

here are a couple other pics of them both that i always liked...

Balthazar Getty, an heir to the Getty gas station family, who fans back in the day called Balty

And everyone knows who Drew Barrymore is. I fell in love with her and her life story when i was very young, but i didn't admit to myself that it was a crush until i was like 14 when i realized i was gonna have to face the fact that i'd always been very attracted to girls.

I thought of posting this last night when watching a Medium re-run, and saw Balthazar Getty was in it. He looks like this now...

still a good looking guy, but i think i dug his style more than anything when i was young, and that has definitely changed with age

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