djcliche (djcliche) wrote,

Writer's Block: All Dressed Up

Describe your all-time favorite outfit.

i had this fluorescent tie-dye t-shirt i used to wear under an orangy, earth toned flannel with the sleeves cut off with orange baggy shorts with vertical thin black stripes. and it looked best with my yellow chucks or my green docs for shoes. the outfit totally clashed, but it was perfect. i invented the outfit in the summer of 93, during spirit week when i was still in regular public high school (before i went to the alternative school i graduated from). in spirit week, there were themes every day for what to wear to school. i wasn't very school spirited, but when the theme was for our clothes to "clash", i looked into my closet and came up with that outfit. but unlike everyone else, i fell in love with my clashed outfit and i wore it many other times for the next year or so.

i wish i had a photo of me in the outfit. i think some people do have photos of me in it, but i do not. my hair at the time was pretty cool too. it was a little longer than shoulder length, blonde with a blue steak, and shaved underneath, so i usually wore it in a ponytail so you could see where it was shaved.
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