djcliche (djcliche) wrote,

Crazy Town by Jymi Cliche

This is the season
of the televised memorial
Fame came
and pissed into the urinal
The truth be told
while everything is on hold.
They broke the mold
and now the universe unfolds
like a napkin
It's time to take a nap kids
and dream of a future
because the past uses streams
of water as torture
and you don't wanna look
because your fears
are keeping you from stares
that the worst things are here.
And we are blind to simple good
always acting on shoulds
forgetting what we could
if we tried
but we are dead inside,
and our pride
blinds us of what's inside.
Our souls,
we no longer feel whole,
we feel out of control
and what we do to take it back
is often more whack
than if we had waited
for the seasons to change.
Instead, we rearrange
the deck chairs on the titanic
and then together we will panic.
Cuz we are all going down
to crazy town.
Tags: poetry

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