djcliche (djcliche) wrote,


okay. so i think i am not going to go into the hospital over my sleep issues. i really didn't want to anyway, but a couple people had told me i should. now that some of my good friends have told me you think i should not go in, i wonder what was the motive behind the people telling me i should... but either way, i'm glad i talked about it and got some good feedback.

i am doing a lot of hard work, and i recently remembered some old memories which helped to piece together some stuff which was not making sense... but what i remembered... god i wish it wasn't true. it is something no one would ever want to remember... i guess that is how a lot of my trauma is, but this thing is bigger in many ways than anything else i remembered, because it's something i did, and not something done to me. but i'm trying to remember to tell myself that i never would have done it if i weren't already traumatized... but i still wish i hadn't.

i am going to work on getting my sleep back on track without hospitalizations and i will call my friend when i am ready. i just don't know when that will be or if it will be too late.

thank you everyone for the help. peace

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