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weird but cool

tonight, around 12:30am i wrote on my facebook...

"Jymi Cliche was outside and heard a weird clicking sound. looked to see what it was, and a dude on crutches was running for his life... not sure if he was being chased or out for a midnight jog..."

and about 15 minutes later got this comment under mine from one of my ftm friends

"If you were in East Arlington on Mass Ave, that was me."

i told him, yes, i am in Arlington. and thought that was pretty funny. he said he was up if i wanted to meet up somewhere in town to hang out for a bit. i asked him where he wanted to meet up and he said he lived near the --- gas station. and i said "dude, i live next door to that gas station" and he said he did too. so we met up in the parking lot between our buildings which are right next door to eachother and owned by the same company.


but i had a really nice time. i hope i didn't freak him out. i always worry about that when i meet people... but we had a really good talk and i learned some things and felt very comfortable hanging out with him. and now it is 5am cuz we hung out til quarter of 4 and then i ate a salad when i got in. now i'm going to bed.

oh yeah, and he was out for a jog, not being chased... which is good too
Tags: arlington, facebook, friends, ftm, trans

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