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Bridge to Terabithia review

my ADD is annoying me
stop it ADD stop it.

well whatever. I watched Bridge to Terrabithia a couple nights ago and i loved it. It reminded me of hanging out with Mike M (now known as "Gunface" in the metal band The Red Chord) when we were kids in the woods down the street from his house and my grandmother's house.
the only trailer i could find for it is the official trailer (all the fan videos had spoilers)
and the official trailer, in my opinion sucks. it makes it look like an entirely different kind of movie. It looks like its going to be like Narnia or something. And i liked Narnia, but i love Bridge to Terabithia. It is a story about lost souls, soul mates, and life and how great things can be and how bad they can get. It was my favorite book as a kid.
In my version of Pink Floyd's The Wall that i wrote when i was 14, an 8 or 9 year old version of myself is sitting on a bench, alone while the kids are all playing, and i am reading that book. It holds a lot of symbolism in my life.

Anyway, the movie was exactly like i remember the book. It's only rated G or PG i think.
see it

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