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my days

i just got back from taking a sunset swim. it was nice.

when i went to get dinner tonight, i passed a homeless man i often see in that area, dancing in traffic for change. i only had a few nickels and pennies or a ten dollar bill. i thought about how i had been watching buffy all day in the comfort of my apartment while this guy danced in traffic in the heat. i gave him the ten dollars and was glad to be able to help him out. but i felt a little awkward about what i said to him. i reached out to hand him the bill and i said "i've had a good day". but he thanked me and i said "you have a good day too"... so i kind of made up for the awkward way in which things come out of my mouth. i wished i had told him "i see you all the time, and you make me smile", but my brain and my mouth are not in sync most of the time. oh well. either way, i was glad to help him out.

i had a fajita burrito for dinner. i've been eating them a lot lately, as i need to start eating healthier, and they are the cheapest somewhat healthy food around here for take out. but i seriously need to learn to cook healthy, easy, cheap meals and i need to get in better shape. i am thinking i am going to try to join a gym again. i'm not good about going and often regret being stuck with payments for a year or two when i have completely stopped going, but my health is at risk now, so it has to be worth another try, even if it is a pain in the ass financially.

sunday, i brought my friend to a family party. we had a good time, with a few awkward moments, and then we drove down to rhode island and i spent the night there. it was fun. we watched Boogie Nights, which i just bought on sale the other day and had not seen yet, but i had a few drinks sunday night and will have to re-watch the movie to better understand it. i did like it though. i couldn't believe how many amazing actors were in that. crazy.

and i got 3 other movies on sale recently too. i just watched Bluehill Avenue. i have been dying to see it for 2 years, as it is a Boston gangster movie, but it is hard to find. it was great though. i also got Pump Up the Volume (my favorite movie of all time, but i only had it on video) and Suspect Zero, which i saw several years ago and liked, but i don't really remember it. i'm going to watch it tonight.

here is a trailer for Bluehill Ave. Bluehill Ave is a real street in Roxbury (Boston), MA. it's a pretty ghetto area. i have friends who live there or have lived there. It was a great movie.


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Aug. 5th, 2009 04:20 am (UTC)
Who's singing that cover version of The Beatles's "Come Together" in the trailer for Bluehill Avenue?
Aug. 5th, 2009 06:22 am (UTC)
i don't know
Aug. 5th, 2009 04:25 am (UTC)
i like you more and more ... and i mean that.
i work with formally homeless people (or in some cases, still homeless) and it brings me great joy when i see others who can see what i see -- thanks for getting it. the small things mean so much when you have so little.
Aug. 5th, 2009 06:30 am (UTC)
thank you. i was legally homeless for a couple of years, but almost always had a place to stay. over the years i have lived alone, i have let homeless people stay with me from time to time, but i'm not really supposed to have guests overnight and could be kicked out if i do, so i have cut back on letting people stay here, but i have had many homeless friends and known a lot of homeless people. i also know many people who think that the homeless are lazy and less than human and that they chose to be homeless to avoid responsibility. i think too many people think like that and i think it's a fuct up point of view. homeless people are real people. they are more real than most people even and a lot of them have wisdom most people will never achieve. if i could do more for the homeless, i would, but i'm not too far from being it myself, so i do the little things, and if i can't afford to give money or food, i'll at least say hello, smile and treat them as humans, cuz they deserve at least that and are deprived it most of the time
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