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life is...

so life is still happening.
i haven't been back up to maine and it turns out i will not be returning. others plans came up. doctors appointments and other stuff. like i am doing an interview about trans issues, and last night i met a bunch of local trans people in the boston area. i knew some of them from facebook, but had only met a couple of them before. it was a nice time, but i was terribly anxious. and tonight my friend stopped by and we went out for good mexican food. i had bad mexican food last night.
its hot here. i kind of want to go swimming right now, but since it is 1am, that is a bad idea i will not actually act on.
life has been stressful, but i am living it.

oh yeah, my teeth are bothering me and i'm seriously considering quitting smoking, but i don't know if i can do it.
Tags: boston, food, friends, life, maine, trans

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