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i went for a walk today and because it was a very still day, i was able to watch fish swim in spy pond. it was nice and relaxing.

i watched a dateline special about Whitey Bulger, the notorious Boston gangster who was an informant for the FBI. the movie The Departed was somewhat based on him. it was an interesting special but i didn't learn much i didn't already know. however, i was reminded of an interesting fun fact, that Whitey Bulger is the #2 most wanted man in the world, just under Osama Bin Laden... at least judging on the amount of a reward for their being found. pretty interesting.
And one thing in the Dateline special i thought was funny was that they interviewed a few of the jurors from a case a few years ago involving Whitey, although he was not there for the trial, as he is missing, but the trial was in Florida, and one woman said "We needed to learn to understand the Boston accent, since most of the witnesses were from there" and she said it in this way where i could detect that she was not fond of people from Boston, or our accents, but i guess if the only people you ever meet from Boston have killed 15 to 65 people, you might think poorly of our city too. But obviously, not everyone in Boston is a gangster.

tomorrow i am going up to Maine for a few days. my parents are vacationing there for 2 weeks. i will be coming and going. but i just found out a couple days ago that my cousin steve, who is older than me by 8 years, is going to be there. i don't think i've seen him since i was 18... maybe 21 at the latest. either way, i have not seen him since my transition from FTM and i am quite nervous. he always makes me nervous anyway. he's very rich and successful and i am nothing like him and never have been. it is going to be a challenge to try to relate to him as a man, as he and much of my family continue to call me "she" and by my old female name. it really fucking stresses me out, but we'll see how it goes.

i heard maura tierny is sick. for those who don't know who she is, she played abby on ER for many years and is supposed to star in a new sitcom this fall i think. the news made it sound like it was pretty serious. i hope she's okay. i was very much in love with her and her character on ER. she played an alcoholic nurse who became a doctor, with a mother played by sally field, who was supposed to have had bi-polar disorder. they were a great duo and their character struggles helped me through a lot of my own personal shit, so i hope she's okay.

here is a picture. i think she's hot

lastly, very sad news. i was informed that the franklin park zoo in boston might be closed and that they are thinking of euthanizing some of the animals. this is a very big loss for boston.
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