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stronger than steel

it just takes a bottle of jack
and i'm back
with a whack at the top of your head
oops you're dead
now i'm marrying fred
i'm fucked up
but not fucked up enough
you know the stuff
cuz you're hillary duff
or lindasy lohan
and you can go 'head
and pinch your forehead
cuz you are still here
it's just a dream
and there's still a ruling queen
confused and used
which organ should i use?
i'm skewed
from gender biased brain control
forget about the birth control
i'm whole
and you're wheat bread
my friend KT once said
she'd eat the paint off the house
made with lead
cus she'd rather be dead
than be part of a world
where her initials were the same
as the prince of evil
disguised as a she-vil
KT's life was haunted
by ever being close to the ghost
that ended up ruling her dreams.
nothing is what it seems
and KT tried to drink the pain away
but it seemed like it was there to stay.
and the prince felt responsible
for bringing the devil to this life of principle
and to all of the others
who's lives that were smothered
because of he
he hope's you're set free.
if the war came to your home
you are not alone
bowing down to a thrown
that made you a slave
and taught you how to behave
as if you weren't human
as if you weren't real
but you were
and you need time to heal.
remember that you are much stronger than steel
and you will make it.
Tags: poetry

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