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Songs About Prophets

Because i just watched The Knowing, and it got me thinking about prophets. The Knowing, with Nicolas Cage was decent. Nothing great, but it was pretty cool.

Juru the Damaja- Can't Stop the Prophet

Jason Mraz- Curbside Prophet


Sinead O'Connor- Prophet Has Arise

Tricky- I Be The Prophet

Soulfly- Prophecy

Guru- False Prophets

Sublime- Ain't No Prophet

Public Enemy- Prophets of Rage

Jude- Prophet

Native Deen- For The Prophets

Queen- The Prophet Song

Grateful Dead- Estimated Prophet

Ferdowsi- King or Prophet (Killah or Priest)

Soldiers of Allah- Method of the Prophet

Dawud Wharnsby- The Prophet

Sunny Day Real Estate- The Prophet

Tags: classic rock, emo, folk, hip hop, metal, movies, playlist, prophet, rap, reggae, religion, rock, trip hop

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