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Weeds was really good tonight. It was the best one so far this season. Alanis Morrsett is in it for a couple of minutes. I suspect she may be in more to come, but i don't know.

I brought some signed papers to the housing authority today so they can finally pay their portion of the rent. I didn't do much else today except upload a bunch of my CDs to the computer.

Here is a list of what i uploaded....

johnny cash, neil young, dj shadow, simon and garfunkle, a perfect circle, the cure, matisyahu, ellis paul, james taylor, melissa ferrick, metallica, ozzy, pink, dead milkmen, queen, phish, bob marley, the skatalites, the cramps, stone temple pilots, moxy fruvous, black sabbath, nirvana, tom waits, prince, katastrophe, faith no more, joan osborne, david bowie, depeche mode, moby, pink floyd, amy winehouse, x-ray spex, violent femmes, ani difranco, scorpions, gnarles barkley, candlebox, ramones, black flag, inxs, jane's addiction, tricky, blind melon, scatterbrain, the allman brothers and lee scratch perry

Things are going all right at the moment. Last week something triggered my PTSD and i think i lost some time cuz i was confused all week until i realized it wasn't the day i thought it was. It makes me a little nervous, but i'm doing okay now.

I saw my cousin of the 4th for a couple hours (i knew what day it was and everything by then) and i took a walk to the pond to see fireworks, but there weren't any going on, so i kind of meditated and stared into the clouds for awhile. i saw a face in the clouds that looked like michael jackson, but it might have just been that the face had no nose. either way, i like seeing faces in the clouds. it makes me feel like someone is looking out for me.


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Jul. 7th, 2009 11:58 am (UTC)
Random thoughts. I wish I had a figure like your icon...but that would just be freaky.

I love and know about half of the music downloads you wrote about!!Neil Young, Simon and Garfunkle, The cure, James Taylor,Black Sabbath, Nirvana, Queen of course, Medttalica (grandson likes them too)Prince, Faith No More, Bowie, Depech Mode, Pink Floyd, Amy W, Ramones,Inxs Jane's Addiction, Tricky... Wow, what a list...When I get some time must add to my music... am always too busy ...

Sorry you had a bit of a setback last week, just keep on going, and you will be OK, stay around grounded people...see family...etc.

Someone is looking out for you.... love and peace.
Jul. 7th, 2009 09:10 pm (UTC)
thank you for the support.

that's cool you like all that music. it's some great stuff indeed.

i don't think many people have a figure like the girl in the icon, but i bet a lot of them wish they did. but if everyone looked like that we'd look like aliens. (:
Jul. 7th, 2009 05:32 pm (UTC)
People are seeing Michael Jackson in the clouds. LOL Wut?

Jul. 7th, 2009 09:14 pm (UTC)
wow. lol. how weird is that? that's not what the clouds looked like when i saw michael jackson's face at all, but it's really very interesting. i wonder if there is deeper meaning behind it (:
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