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Mi Casa Is Here

ave maria
mi casa is here
i see my angel
i see my death
i see the truth
in my last breath
ave maria
mi casa is here
i cried my tears
i faced my fears
i see the truth
and no one cares
ave maria
mi casa is here
you hear my calls
through wired walls
my sanity wears thin.
the tears make it hard to grin.
but i sing in sin to free my soul
from the toxins you put in.
ave maria
mi casa is here
i see my shadow
and a boy in a dress
i see the truth
and i want to confess
but there is no more ave maria
mi casa is here
i am silent in fear
but i write my rhymes
like i was dared...
always prepared
ave maria.
Tags: fear, gender, god, home, meds, poetry

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