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Songs About Me (Jymi/Jimmy/Jimi/James)

M.I.A.- Jimmy

Black Oak Arkansas- Jim Dandy

more under cut

De La Soul- Buddy

The Clash- Jimmy Jazz

Martha Reeds and the Vandells- Jimmy Mack

James Taylor- Sweet Baby James

Bel Biv Devoe- Do Me (the J the I the M the M the Y y'all, i need a body bag)

You Don't Mess Around With Jim- Jim Croce

Doctor Jimmy- The Who

Jimmy Ray- Are You Jimmy Ray?

jimmy clanton- go jimmy go

and a few more by people named Jim/Jimmy /Jimi worth putting in the mix

Jim Caroll- People Who Died (takes a few seconds to begin)

Jimi Hendrix- Hey Joe (begins with weird quiet hippy guy, but gets louder when jimi comes on)

Jimmy Cliff- The Harder They Come

Jim Morrison and the Doors- Light My Fire

Tags: classic rock, folk, hip hop, james taylor, jimi hendrix, jimmy cliff, jymi, m.i.a, playlist, punk, reggae, rock, the clash

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