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Writer's Block: Busting Blocks

It's blockbuster season in movie theaters. What was the last movie you saw?

i want to say the last movie i saw in the theatre was The Dark Knight. which was pretty much exactly a year ago. i'm not sure i've been to the movies since then. i forget.

the last bunch of movies i have watched at home that were new to me were Man On Fire, Conspiracy Theory, Taken, Gran Torino, Doubt, Hotel Rowanda, The Boy In the Striped Pajamas, Pineapple Express, Notorious, W, Religilous and Gang Related. I would say i enjoyed them all.

i borrowed Kill Bill 1&2 from my friends today and will watch them later tonight. i have seen them before, but only once.


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Jul. 2nd, 2009 05:02 am (UTC)
I think that was the last I saw in the movie theatre too! local stuff, terrible sound system. it was about a year ago.
Jul. 2nd, 2009 05:15 am (UTC)
i saw it opening day at midnight, the first show. i woke up that morning in the psych ward on a really shitty ass ward of a pretty much state hospital variety. my parents had put me in there and took off for vacation. i got out while they were still in maine (on vacation) and my dad picked me up when i was discharged and took me to their place to get my stuff and i drove myself up to maine and met him back there. when i arrived in maine, my parent's told me my 17 year old cousin had bought tickets for him and his friend to see the dark knight and when he heard i was out of the hospital, he drove all the way back to the new hampsheir movie theatre to get me a ticket too. i was very moved by my cousin's generosity, but it turned into one of the longest days ever...i was surprised i didn't fall asleep in the theatre i was soooo tired. but it has been a year since then.
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