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I asked this on facebook too, and although i've gotten 2 replies, neither is an answer to my question. I have Lil Wayne Tha Carter III. Which Lil Wayne album should i buy next?

i was thinking today about how my neighbors reacted when i was hanging around a lot of black people. i had 2 neighbors call my friends the N word (to me of course not to their face), and 1 neighbor say he wasn't prejudice, but told me he didn't like it that i was inviting black people into our apartment building. i said that sounds pretty prejudice, and he replied "well, yeah, i mean, everyone is a little prejudice, you have to be"
and i was told by one of my black friends that while he was waiting for his sister to pick him up outside my apartment, there were people staring out the window at him and then the police stopped their car right next to him and asked him what he was doing there...

i don't really like that i live in a building and area with so many fucked up people. most of my neighbors think i am a freak and a fuck up, but i think they are assholes too. there are a few good people in my building, but most of them are fucked up.
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