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Different Cultures in Hip Hop Part 2

Haji Springer- Haji's Back (Indian)

Brother Ali- Uncle Sam Goddamn (Albino/white)



Pigeon John ft Abstract Rule- Life Goes On

Mystic- The Life

Bizzy Bone- Thugz Cry

Michael Franti and Spearhead- Rock the Nation

Sean Paul- Get Busy

Foxy Brown- Oh Yeah

Kelis ft Andre 3000- Millionaire

Les Nubians- Temperature Rising

Blu Cantrell- Hit Em Up Style (oops)


Litefoot- My Chick

Chief Holyfire- World Domination

Team Rezofficial- Lonely

Joey Stylez- Living Proof

Slangblossom- Possibly


Haji Springer- Indian Rapper

Punjabi MC ft Jay-Z- Beware

M.I.A.- Paper Planes

Kami K & Hunterz- The Street of Bollywood

Imran Khan ft Lucky- Ni Nacheleh

Ram Kommariju- Teluga Rap Song


Ben Sharpa- Five Fingers

Sway Desafo- Flo Fashion

Styl-Plus- Imagine That

Rugged Man- Lessons

Blak Jesus and Whiteboy Pee- Gongo Aso Remix

MC Solaar- La Vie Est Belle

Positive Black Soul- Je Ne Sias Pas

Hi Tek 3 Ft Ya Kid K

MZBEL- 16 Years

Wasswong- Tchimi Fonda

Reggie Rockstone ft KK Foso- Ah


Aesop Rock- None Shall Pass

Ill Bill- My Uncle

7L & Esoteric- Mic Mastery

Sage Francis- Escape Artist

El-P- Deep Space 9mm

Beastie Boys- Sure Shot

Atmosphere- Trying To Find A Balance

The Streets- Dry Your Eyes

Insane Clown Posse- How Many Times

Kottonmouth Kings- Where's The Weed At

Edan- Beauty

Eminem- We Made You

JCK- Spirit X

Everlast- What It's Like

Lil Wyte- Smoke My Dro

Necro- Morbid

Tags: hip hop, music, playlist, pop culture, race, rap

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