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The War and the Whore

the war in my head
the war in Iraq
the war in my bed
the war makes me slack

take me to the river
take me to the sea
take me to the empty nest
up top the old oak tree

the whore in my head
the whore in Iraq
the whore in my bed
the whore hooked on crack

be who you wanna be
be someone on their knees
be someone off their meds
be someone who is free

the war and the whore meet
they bow at each other's feet
neither one will take the heat
god comes and ends their meet and greet
their spawn will not allow defeat
in a world where all the good are beat

the war in my head
the war in Iraq
the war in my bed
the war makes me slack.
Tags: drugs, love, meds, mental illness, nature, peace, poem, poetry, religion, sex, war

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