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Writer's Block: Conversion Rate

Have you ever considered converting to another religion?

i have considered it.
the only religion i have really studied besides Catholism, which i had to learn as a child was Wicca/Pagan stuff. i spent many years reading about those religions, but never technically converted. i still believe in a lot of it, but also felt it wasn't my place to practice magik.

i was basically kicked out of the Catholic church.

i am interested in the stories and idea behind all religions.

i tried attending the Unitarian Universalism Church and it seemed nice but they wanted what seemed like a lot of money and i felt awkward about that.

i considered converting to Judaism after listening to Matisyahu Live At Stubbs while high, but reconsidered after thinking about how much stress is entailed in becoming a Jew. Lots of studying that i just don't see myself doing.

so yeah, i am pretty much religionless. and i am fine with that
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