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Songs About Boston

Dropkick Murphy's- I'm Shipping Up To Boston

They Might Be Giants- Wicked Little Critta

Juliana Hatfield- My Sister


Big Shug, Singapore Kane and Termanology- My Boston

Schoolhouse Rock- The Shot Heard Round the World

Cheers Theme Song

Bee Gees- Massachusetts

Jonathan Richman- Government Center

James Taylor- Sweet Baby James

Edo G- I Got to Have It

The Standells- Dirty Water

Dave Loggins- Please Come to Boston

Emmet Swimming- Arlington (the town i live in)

GBH- Boston Babies

Marky Mark- Wild Side

Westbound Train- Bigger Things In Mind

Reks- Fearless

Vampire Weekend- Boston (Ladies of Cambridge)

Kreators- Home

Beacon Street Union- The Clown Died In Marvin Garden

7L and Esoteric- Boston Garden Rap

Kingston Trio- M.T.A (which is now the MBTA)

Dismemberment Plan- The Ice of Boston

Dresden Dolls- Boston

Street Dogs- In Defense of Dorchester

The Get Up Kids- Mass Pike

Typecast- The Boston Drama

Kenny Chesney- She Comes From Boston

Dresden Dolls- Bank Of Boston Beauty Queen

Dropkick Murphy's- Tessie

Steely Dan- The Boston Rag

Tags: alternative, boston, classic rock, country, folk, hardcore, hip hop, indy, playlist, punk, rap, ska, tv

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