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Songs About Being GLBTQ to Celebrate Pride Weekend

Team Gina- Butch/Femme

The Electric Six- Gay Bar (video of Bush and Blair)

Me'Shell NdegeOcello- Leviticus: Faggot

more under cut

Ani Difranco- In or Out

Pansy Division- Cowboys Are Frequently Fond of Each Other (star trek slash)

Le Tigre- Decapitation

The Beatles- You've Got To Hide Your Love Away

God-des and She- Lick It

Tom Robinson- Glad To Be Gay

Broken Social Scene- I'm Still Your Fag

Ramones- 53rd and 3rd

Bikini Kill- Rebel Girl

Rufas Wainwright- Gay Messiah

i had never heard this before. now i love the rolling stones eve n more than i already did
Rolling Stones- Cocksucker Blues

Buzzcocks- Ever Fallen In Love

Weezer- Pink Triangle

Garbage- Queer

Billy Bragg- Sexuality

Chumbawamba- Homophobia

Judas Priest- Hell Bent for Leather

Franz Ferdinand- Michael

Indigo Girls- Power of Two

Jens Lekman- A Postcard to Nina

Depeche Mode- Boys Say Go

Melissa Ferrick- Drive

Reel Big Fish- She Has A Girlfriend Now

Frank Zappa- He's So Gay (with images of the Pope)

Scissor Sisters- Take Ya Mama Out

Jill Sobule- I Kissed a Girl

Sylvester- You Make Me Feel Mighty Real

Village People- YMCA

David Bowie- John, I'm Only Dancing

Carl Bean- I Was Born This Way

Nirvana- All Apologies

Revolting Cocks- Beers Steers and Queers

Rod Stewart- The Killing of Georgie

Living Colour- Glamour Boys

Placebo- Nancy Boy

Bloodhound Gang- I Wish I Was Queer So I Could Get Chicks

Frank Black- 10 Percenter

New York Dolls- Jet Boy

Joan Armatrading- The Weakness In Me

Ben Harper- Mama's Got a Girlfriend

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