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Dyke March

tonight i decided to go to the dyke march in Boston. tomorrow is the pride parade and i will not be going. i like the dyke march better for a lot of reasons. 1. it is at night and not nearly as hot 2. it's less crowded 3. it's more political 4. it is less about advertisements and more about community 5. it is extremely trans friendly

i realized on the train there that i might run into my ex there. i did and i ended up talking to her for a minute. i met the girl she was with and we were very nice to eachother. it wasn't all that bad. the worst thing about seeing her was that i was kind of jealous of how many people she seemed to know. i was there alone and said hi to a few people i know a little bit, but i spent most of the night alone. i mainly went to take pictures and to march.

i took lots of pictures and got lots of exercise. after the march i was hungry, but all the places i usually eat when i am at the boston common were closed. it kind of sucked and i ended up eating at burger king. there were 2 girls from the dyke march in front of me at burger king and this girl behind me walked up to one and said "excuse me, but someone put a sticker with the word slut on your butt" and the girl turned around and said "no, thats okay. i put that sticker there". the other girl looked confused. she was not at the dyke march.

here are the pictures

this is Dino. i know this genderqueer kid from facebook and youtube

more under the cut
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Tags: boston, boston common, dyke march, ftm, gender, graffiti, mtf, photography, political, queer

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