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when time is only part of the equation...

gizmo and i.           crazy gizmo in paintland

6 pictures under cut


what have i been up to for the past few days? cleaning!!!!!! i took this picture  days ago and its stlll almost as messy. i need to get rid of this stuff!!!! .. i did take action in getting that done, however, so that is good and i started the process with the housing people for my move...they are NOT going to let it be easy.


a doll i made a while ago.    .. me in my red sox hat.
oh, the boston red sox, for my whole life, you have had an entire city's mood dependant on your success. your power over this grumpy city is strange and curious.  you are like a dunkin donut's coffee in that way.

the brain... these were the people who named me jymi. i drew these people (me and my friends) when i was in high school. tonight i glued them on top of a sign i kept from a show i went to freshman year. the drawing and the sign are related. i glued the whole thing into the book i am making my cousin. 
and then look- its handsom jymi.

Tags: art, boston, gizmo, red sox, self portraits, the brain

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