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June is Gay Pride Month. Here is my Hip Hop tribute to GLBTQ People

Yo Majesty- Hustle Mode

this rapper is ftm. i really relate to the lyrics of this one a lot.
Katastrophe- Bad Bad Feelings

Captain Magik- Dilemma

more under the cut

i'm not 100% sure, but i think this song is about being gay but having to be on the DL to succeed in rap...
Shawty Lo- Dey Know

most gay hip hop is very underground though.

Athens Boys Choir- EZ Heeb

QBoy- Quarter Life Crisis

Big Nugg- La Revolution

Down Low- HIV

Tori Fixx- Not Perfect

JenRo- Try It

God-des and She- Love You Better

Deadlee- Good Soldier II

Deep Dickollective- For Colored Boys

Katastrophe- The Life

Deep Dickollective- Live Performance

Down Low- Megamix

Cat Eyez- One Hit Blunder

Yo Majesty- Don't Let Go

Shorty Roc- Spoken Word/Rap

Johnny B- Down low

To The Point ft Last Offense, Prince Cat Eyez

Deadlee- Reaper

Alicia Leafgreen- ADIDAS

Johnny Dangerous- Wan Dat Ass Iz

Foxxjazell- Priority

Athens Boys Choir- WaHo (Waffle House)

Interview With JenRo on DIG

Shorty Roc- My Home Town

mz fontaine- fuck it

Johnny Dangerous- Dirty is the New Black

Deff Boys ft Anthony Antoine- Swing

Pam Jones- Freaky Gurl

God-des and She- Hey Mr President, live clip

Tags: ftm, gay, glbt, hip hop, queer, queer hop, rap, trans

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