djcliche (djcliche) wrote,

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Boston Hip Hop

Mr Lif - Because They Made It That Way

Insight- Rap Religion

D Money- Freestyle at my apartment (video by me)

more under cut

first few filmed by me

Valentine by Bronze Budda and D Money freestyle

Bronze Budda and D Money freestyle

Bobericc and Bronze Budda freestyle

Threat to Mankind freestyle

Struggle freestyle

Bronze Budda and Threat to Mankind freestyle

DJ Cliche freestyling over Portishead while driving

the rest are not by me

Perceptionists- Black Dialogue

Edo G- I Got to Have It

Kreators- Home

7L and Esoteric- Mic Mastery

Gang Starr- Royalty

Akrobatik- A to the K

from Lawrence Ma,
Termanology- So Amazing

Singapore Kane and Chan- Street Legends

Big Shug ft Termanology and Singapore Kane- My Boston

Breeze Evahflowin- Land of the Gun

Reks- Pray For Me (suicide note)

Edan- Beauty (the psychedelic rapper)

Mr Lif- Brothaz

Guru- Watch What You Say

Skitzofreniks- CMon Dude

Krumb Snatcha- Afta da Club

Kreators- Foreign Lands

Cadence- Creative Commerce

CheckMark and Mic Stylz- Freestyle

Tags: akrobatik, bobericc, boston, boston rap, bronze budda, dj cliche, hip hop, mr. lif, rap, struggle

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