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My Day In Photos

my day started off pretty good. i slept late and when i woke up i went to Somerville to AJ Wright to buy some shorts and a few more shirts.

this is me in my urban batman shirt....

i took some cute pictures of my cat

i was looking forward to spending the evening alone, but my friend came by and wanted to stay the night. while he was here, a note came through my door stating that apartment inspectors would be coming by on friday. my apartment was a mess and even though my friend helps me clean, he makes as much of a mess that he does not clean up. i told him that i needed him to leave. he tried to make me feel guilty that i was kicking him out and he had nowhere to go, but i insisted that i needed to be alone. he asked if he could shower first and i said fine, and when he got out he apologized for being a jerk and said i should always feel free to ask him to leave if i needed him to and that he might react poorly but would rather i ask for what i need than bottle it up.
so anyway, he left after his shower and i went to wallgreens to get some cleaning supplies and food for dinner. i took a short walk down to the pond to meditate for a minute and then i came home and cleaned...
this is where i do my computing...

a few more pictures under the cut of the crib, the cat and the clothes...

and i should say i am a lot less stressed now



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