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My Memorial Day

I met a friend from facebook in Davis Sq today. We had lunch at the Diesel Cafe and then hung out in the mini sculpture park. There were a lot of people there. We ran into a couple people my friend knew and talked with them for awhile. I had a nice time. It was a beautiful day. I was glad to get out.
we both had a monkey wrench sandwich for lunch. turkey, avocado, bree cheese, sprouts, lettuce and tomato. very good. there are no photos of the food. i got a grenadine italian soda to go with it and later got a raspberry lime rickey. it was insanely priced (the raspberry lime rickey) but it was good and there is still some left in the fridge. The rickey was from JP Licks, and the fact that i did not get an ice cream is definitely a statement towards JP Licks that i do not like their ice cream, because i am not a person who can get in line for ice cream and decide to have a soda instead. I LOVE ice cream, but i have never liked JP Licks. I am craving an ice cream sundae now though. oh well. i will settle for the 1/2 a butterfinger bar i have in the kitchen.

this is my friend and i sitting outside

the Diesel Cafe.. one of the coolest spots in the Boston area

a sculpture in the park

a few more with story under the cut

what's that shiny thing in the sky? it hurts to look at it!

now i can see better

davis square

i have spent my fair share of time at this building... it was closed today for the holiday though

other pics

and my friend again

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