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Songs About Homelessness

I have only ever been homeless for a couple of days. I have been lucky to have pretty much always had a place to go, but as a trans person with mental illness, over the years i have come close to homelessness many times and have had many friends who have dealt with it.
I was raised to look down on the homeless, but i never did. I have always seen them as strong strong people and they are extremely misunderstood.
A tribute to their strength, through music...

Phil Collins- Another Day In Paradise

Jethro Tull- Aqualung

The Pogues- Fairy Tale of New York

more under the cut

Pearl Jam - Even Flow

Sammy Davis Jr- Mr Bojangles

Beastie Boys- Johnny Ryall

Tracy Chapman- Talkin Bout a Revolution (although, this is more about poverty, not necessarily homelessness... but it's such a good song)

Elan Featuring Slash- Street Child

G Love and Special Sauce- This Ain't Livin'

Soul Asylum- Runaway Train (because most runaways end up homeless)

Tupac- Changes

Crystal Waters- Gypsy Woman (She's Homeless)

CunninLynguists- Mic Like a Memory

Derek and the Dominos- Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out

Pet Shop Boys- The Theatre

Bob Dylan- Mr Bojangles

Ralph McTell- Streets of London

Nashville Session Players- Homeless In America

Everlast- What It's Like

Candlebox- He Calls Home

Arrested Development- Mr Wendal

Eminem- Rock Bottom (he mentions not having a home)

Porter Waggoner- Skidrow Joe

Chris Knight- If I Were You

Tags: alternative, classic rock, country, folk, grunge, hip hop, homeless, playlist, rap, rock

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